Middle Market M&A

Another option for owners who have been particularly successful at growing their business might consider including the opportunities available in America’s vast Private Capital Markets in their exit strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions options available to middle market private companies are mainly driven by capital availability, liquidity, specific market segment risks and the current business cyclical.

Business owner at desk

Benefits of exploring the private capital markets while developing an exit strategy include:

  • Monetizing a portion of your illiquid business rather than selling the entire operation.
  • Continuing to work until you decide to fully retire.
  • The ability to keep a watchful eye on your remaining equity.
  • Possibly keeping the next generation active in the business without all the associated risks.
  • Benefiting from new capital infusion and the inherent synergy realized in the merged entity.
  • Achieving an even greater payoff when your remaining shares are sold.

Business Legacy Strategies maintains relationships with several of the regions most well respected Private Equity firms. Many make inquiries on a monthly basis regarding firms with enterprise values ranging from $5-50mm. This relatively new lower threshold for making deals has made this once out of reach strategy attainable for many small business owners.