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Why Advisor Collaboration is Core to Successful Business Exit

July 2018

Many business owners today are thinking about an exit from their privately-held business and are trying to figure out how to begin this seemingly-overwhelming task. Like most owners who are in need of some guidance and advice, you may be looking to your professional advisors for assistance. This newsletter is...

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Business Owner’s Exit Planning 101

May 2018

    A business owner’s exit is a once-in-a-lifetime transformation. We’re not talking about selling a house or a car. This is a complex process that requires the technical expertise of a team of trusted advisors. It must begin with personal reflection on the part of the owner regarding what...

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Business Owners… set your retirement date now!

April 2018

With each tax season, business owners usually reflect on their prospects regarding retirement. Since a majority of business owners are dependent on the revenue stream generated by their businesses for day-to-day life and additionally to fund retirement, meeting with your accountant and financial advisor to evaluate the performance of your...

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2018 Tax Law Impact Breakfast Seminar Thursday 29 March 8:30am

March 2018

2018 Tax Law Impact Breakfast Seminar Ferncroft CC  Middleton, Ma. Thursday March 29th 8:30 am   The biggest tax overhaul in more than two decades has officially hit the books, and business owners are scrambling to figure out what this means for their net income, growth strategy and eventual retirement...

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Does Your Business have Investment Value?

January 2018

  Does your business have Investment Value? While most business owners focus on the annual profit or cash flow of their business, it is less common devote time and attention to an equally important measurement, your business’ return on investment. An ROI measurement can help an owner determine whether their...

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Key Employee Compensation Planning and Strategic Growth

December 2017

There is an old saying that goes “show me how I am paid and I’ll show you how I’ll behave”. The issue is simple for business owners – the right incentive plans help to grow the value of your company while the wrong (or no) incentive plans leave key employees...

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Preparing to Sell Your Business…Now

September 2017

Today’s business owners are becoming more and more aware that preparing their companies for a sale has a lot of benefit to them and their businesses. In fact, with the growing marketplace of ‘exit planners’ – professional advisors who help business owners prepare for a future transition of their business...

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